Don’t Lose Heart

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2 Corinthians 4:1 Paul says “losing heart” is a distinct danger for the Christian – the Christian leader even. But he gives us a great reason in this verse to keep going: we have been given a new covenant ministry. This ministry (according to chapters 3 and 4) opens blind eyes, reveals the very light […]

Pray that God Would Give the Growth

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1 Corinthians 3:6 We sow a lot of gospel seeds at Speak Life. Today many hundreds of people will encounter our teaching – in books, blogs, tracts, podcasts, videos or sermons. PRAY that others would water the seed we’ve sown and that God would give growth – new birth into Christ!

You Can’t Take it With You

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1 Timothy 6:6-10 We tend to think of wealth as security – a safety net. The Bible thinks of it as a trap. Instead it teaches us to find security in the rock solid identity of Christ rather than the shifting sands of Mammon. Given that we can’t take it with us… PRAY for God’s […]

Hunger for the Gospel in Kurdistan

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Christian workers doing spiritual battle in northern Iraq can barely keep up with area residents’ desire to learn about Christ and the Bible. People in northern Iraq’s Muslim autonomous region of Kurdistan have long been more open to Christianity than other Iraqis, but they have been especially keen since IS took over parts of the […]

Chinese Intellectual Comes to Christ

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Top Chinese intellectual Ran Yunfei, famed for his pro-democracy activism has converted to Christianity, reports say. His wife has been a Christian since the 1980’s but Yunfei says he had “no will to believe”. A Bible study group has met in Ran Yunfei’s home since 2013, but he only recently became a Christian. A writer, […]