Chinese Intellectual Comes to Christ

By on May 27, 2016 | 0 comments

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Top Chinese intellectual Ran Yunfei, famed for his pro-democracy activism has converted to Christianity, reports say. His wife has been a Christian since the 1980’s but Yunfei says he had “no will to believe”.

A Bible study group has met in Ran Yunfei’s home since 2013, but he only recently became a Christian. A writer, essayist and blogger, Yunfei has previously been named one of China’s ‘One Hundred Public Intellectuals’. After years of distancing himself from faith, he wrote online on October 31: “Today, I decide to follow Jesus”, according to the  China Christian Daily.

Source: Christian Today; China Christian Daily

Reading: John 5:24

PRAISE God for the growing advance of the Gospel amid all sectors of the Chinese community.

PRAY that converted intellectuals may be greatly influential.